Why Outsource With Us...

Our Goal...

to make sure each claim is resolved in 30 days or less and that no claim is denied for untimely filing! 



Hi. I'm Cheryl Lawson- Owner/Director of Client Success for A Clear Billing Solution, LLC.

My career in the medical billing field began because I wanted to improve upon my typing skills after college. I enrolled in a medical billing course merely for the typing class offered and because it was close to home. After several weeks of taking the course, I was “hooked”. I realized I liked medical billing and I was actually doing very well in it – enough so that I graduated at the top of the class!

So with 25 years of billing, consulting and management experience achieved from working at various positions from customer service representative to Director of Customer Relations to  Project Management for  multi-million dollar hospital billing projects and multi specialty physician practices and having extensive experience with billing every type of insurance from Medicare -Medicaid- No-Fault-Workers' Comp- and Commercial – I believed it was time for me to step out on my own and start my own medical billing and consulting company.  

Why? Because I wanted to be in a position to utilize my knowledge, experience and unique management style to offer quality and affordable billing and consulting services to all practices to help them maximize their revenue potential. Working for others didn’t always allow me to do this because I was often directed to place my focus on the more lucrative clients meaning that other clients–smaller- had to take a “back seat”. 

At ACBS, LLC  every client will be given our full attention – no matter the size or specialty! We pride ourselves with our attention to detail and problem solving capabilities. 

When you outsource with us you have access to a team of HIPAA compliant, dedicated and hardworking professionals .   Combined, we have  over 75 years of experience. 

Choosing us to do your billing means that your patient accounts are being serviced continuously allowing a steady flow of cash coming into your practice.  

We  value your patient's privacy and will partner with you to maintain their trust and help to educate and coach them regarding their financial role in their treatment.

At A Clear Billing Solution, we understand that every practice is unique and customize our services to meet  the needs of each one. 

We really do care about the success of your practice and want to partner with you to make sure you receive the maximum allowable reimbursement rates in the shortest amount of time!